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By :Geleen Kate 0 comments
Coffee houses began in the Ottoman Empire. Since liquor and bars were off-limits to most practicing Muslims, coffeehouses provided an alternative place to gather, socialize and share ideas. Coffee’s affordability and egalitarian structure—anyone could come in and order a cup—eroded centuries of social norms.
In 2017, Kanaka Specialty Coffee and Roastery established its first branch based in Dubai located at Al Mamzar Centre, Abu Hail. The café was born in passion. True passion for coffee is contagious. When you express it, you inspire everyone you come into contact with. And the magical thing is that when you inspire other people, they also inspire you. Seeing someone wake up to wonders of coffee makes you remember why you love it so much.
Our passion goes into every cup of coffee we serve. We specialize serving coffees in different kinds of specialty coffee beans of your choice. We strive daily to ensure you receive the knowledge and products necessary to succeed in the competitive and growing specialty coffee industry. We know a lot, but we have a lot to learn. We believe when we stop listening, we stop learning. We consider everyone’s point of view and work to understand them. 

Our Values
  • Passion. We love coffee and love what we do. We are enthusiastic about our products, our partners and our customers.
  • We value all the opinions of our customers and view products, service and results through their eyes. Their success is our success.
  • Serving with consistency, integrity and excellence is a responsibility.
  • The quality of our products is our source of pride. We hold this value dearly at all stages of our production chain. Through teamwork and commitment to our values, we work effortlessly to maintain superior quality. 

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