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About Kanaka


You deserve perfect quality, unique experience, and an amazing taste.

We Offer what you deserve. We Offer Kanaka Specialty Coffee.


We are honest, modest, quiet but experimental. we love authenticity and history.

we show and discuss origins of our products and take pride in our selections.

A Universal Language

kanaka was born from the passion of one individual towards a language that is universal. the brand respects the origins and the different history from around the world in enjoying the special drink, Coffee!

Each Coffee Experience Is Unique

it's also the slowing down of the moments and unique experiences that make us human. each coffee experience is unique: from the different senses that are activated and various emotions that one feels


we are passionate, curious, and enthusiastic. to know everything about specialty coffee, to explore new flavours, to invent new concept, and to introduce all of this to the whole world.


But that's only the beginning....




Experience Uniqueness


We CARE about coffee, we

RESPECT and ADMIRE everything

that pertains to it, so that you can

enjoy the pleasure in every sip.. at

Kanaka's, we love and are proud of

the coffee that we serve...

Care - Your First Step To Specialty Coffee

This category is your first step to the world of true coffee... Specialty Coffee. CARE is the key, We take full care of every step. starting from getting the perfect coffee beans, roasting and serving it, to the moment that you enjoy our specialty coffee and buy from us again! You'll be amazed by the fact that specialty coffee can have flavours without any add-ons!


Respect - A Storm Of Flavours

Here, you will experience a storm of flavours! we respect specialty coffee, we respect how it was selected carefully, maintained in perfect conditions, and roasted ideally just the way we love... and we respect you...as you our partner in the passion for coffee... and we demonstrate this respect through giving you a non-forgetable experience...

Admire - Taking Premium To Another Level

Our most premium specialty coffee crafted to give you the ultimate joy. we admire specialty coffee, we are in love with its smell, flavour, colour and taste. we blend in their uniqueness to create this master piece.. we are truly proud of what we serve in this category. it's the true meaning of pleasure in every sip!


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